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  • I live in Equator
  • My occupation is Student of University of Indonesia
  • I am okama

Purupappa uuuuuuh uuuu uuuuh purupururururu zwei dududu say *what is this?* Okay, okay, for first I am girl, cause many question about my gender. so DON'T SUSPICIOUS about it again. I live at ASEAN or equator,guess where I live exactly XD

Owh, My english is not very good, so my comment in blog is too short.

Oh yeah, I am gamer too. Bizzare?? No, Cause male live in my soul :p

I like original soundtrack of anime, such as J-pop, rock, etc. Maybe I will make the list if you want to know XD

Everything i do, from cooking *live alone* until pirate program *shhh*, uoh you can talk about nutrition with me *now scholar of nutrition*  and maybe astronomy huahahaha *ah spica's star here* bye :D

My EditsEdit

You can see my edits until now..

Edits of Gashbell on One Piece Wiki
Total: 182
Article: 85
Talk: 0
User: 15
User talk: 15
Project: 0
Project Talk: 0
File: 0
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Template: 0
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Category: 0
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Forum: 0
User blog: 3
User blog comment: 54

Being good user. Must..

Then, I really want to finish all of long summary. Well, I just start to edit from beginning :D

My favourite CharactersEdit

Straw Hat Pirate : Tony Tony Chopper *Why? Cause I have dream to be a doctor and make everychild is healthy*

Supernova : Jewelry Bonney *Why? I think, we are same, eating very much XD*
Jewelry Bonney as a Child

Just Like That XD

Marine : Coby * i don't need reason*

Sichibukai : Boa Hancock *World Domination XD*

Fight : Luffy vs three admirals at Marineford *it has good backsound *amazing*

Arc : All of it!!

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