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Why is this in Hangul and not in Japanese?Edit

Hangul, also known as Korean script, is a syllabary that is similar to Japanese Katakana and Hiragana. However, Hangul tops Japanese when used in English words that follow a consonant-vowel-consonant order. For example, Gourd (my name) would be easier to write and takes less space in Hangul (고륻) which only two characters than writing it in Katakana (ゴールド) which takes four.

How are the so-called "dancing star" GIFs are placed in this one?Edit

According to the image guidelines, you cannot place GIFs directly into the wiki. However, there is an alternative by placing GIFs from Photobucket, Imageshack or Imgur by pasting the direct URL of the image into the signature.

In putting these image as links, DO NOT use the normal piping link used to connect to Wikia and Wikipedia pages. Use the piping link for external images. For example:


Will give you:

You can also view this user's blog for more information. Now, have fun and cheer up! Stay nice and safe, peachies!!

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