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Awwwwwwwwwww I liked my name in Red T.T!!!! Why... Why cruel destiny!!!!! (hahahaha tyvm for the welcome)

Well that was a waste of space, But let me introduce me properly, Im Jd0064. I like to contribute for the One Piece wikia, I also do it for the WoWiki, the Zeldapedia and the RunescapeWiki.

You wont usually find articles created by me, I like to read all the articles on this site, and rarely go to the discussion page to ask for changing some information that I think is wrong.

One Piece is the anime most funny and awesome of all times(for me) so I watch the chapters on Youtube uploaded by MhKaizoku (the best subbed One piece chapters till 371) and every week I read the manga uploaded by XterminioV (best backgroungmusic and translation, chapter 515)

Im mexican but I can undertand the Englich and the French very well, so I can cvontribute with some ideas from other people may have.

My favorite male character in the series is Tony Tony Chopper And my favorite female is Nico Robin.

My account on Youtube is Haunter64, its sad but I dont have videos ( My pc lags a lot and that the cause I dont upload images or videos neather for the Wikia nor Youtube) I like to help people undertand better the One Piece Universe

And I am the headmaster of the Gear Pirates(little group of my school, that take part in some events both sport and academic)(Needless to mention I know its kiddish but we only do itfor fun =P)

Thanks to: Eichiiro Oda for making my life more enjoyable My friends that share with me this point of view My special girl who everymorning gives me the chance to be happy And.... to you because you waste part of your time readying all this s**t

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