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  • Name: Adrian Gomez
  • Birthdate: 6/5/81
  • Age: Who the **** cares now? Batman? Hitler? The ISIS? Female pop stars?
  • Birthplace: Ford Ord, California

My pervious hometown for those who cares: Fort Ord, California (1981-1982). Fort Bragg, North Carolina (1982-1983). Augusta, Georgia (1983-1984). Fort Meade, Maryland (1984-1992)...... please, fricken more.....

"Move to Colorado" AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! You cocksuckers...

My current hometown: Colorado Springs, been here since 1992 where I remain to this day, like I said above; I cut myself for the blood to spill on this city that I shall not move no more! Once I arrive here shall be my permanent home, I'm now a Coloradan.

  • Personally: Figure it out.
  • Skills: Writing, Cooking, Drawing, Clean Things.

Pages I wish to re-create without any shitheads marking them for delete






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