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Luffy Faces Three Admirals
My name here is Jonny16, you can call me Jonny // J16 or Jon. Just like you, I'm a One piece Fan and that's the reason I love this wiki, I try getting along with everyone here. Even helping out in some articles to help out the community. I'm usually here while I'm working and because of my job inconvenience I cannot upload any image in my profile and while I'm not working, I try to spend time with my family. That's why I'm plain and simple with my profile. My two favorite mangas are One Piece and Naruto. I can speak three languages, French, Spanish and English. So whenever you guys have any questions, fill free to let me know. I also like when someone suggests me new ideas about my blogs and profil and also appreciate the help because I am fairly new to this wiki. Well, I've run out of ideas for the moment. Whenever I have new ideas for my profil, I'll come back to edit.

Okay, guys hopefully we can get along quite well.

My Favorite Characters (under construction) Edit

Straw Hats

"Straw Hat" Monkey.D.Luffy

"Black Leg" Sanji

"Pirate Hunter" Roronoa Zoro


"Hawk-Eyes" Dracule Mihawk

"Surgeon of Death" Trafalgar Law


"Captain" Eustass Kidd

"Surgeon of Death" Trafalgar Law


"Fire-Fist" Portgas.D.Ace






Buggy the Clown

Best moments in One piece:Edit

Zoro enduring Luffy's pain by Kuma

  • Kuma and Zoro
Zoro's timeskip training

Luffy punching a celestial dragon

Luffy's timeskip training

Sanji vs the unluckies

Sad Moments in One piece:Edit

Ace and Luffy last moments
  • Ace and Luffy last moments

Luffy's heartbreak

Best fights:Edit

Luffy vs Rob Lucci

Zoro's training vs the Baboon king

Sanji vs Jyabura

To be work onEdit

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