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Hey, I'm from Indonesia. I'm 15 years old. I really love ONE PIECE!!! and i also like Fullmetal, Rainbow, redEyes, Fairy Tail, Eyeshield 21, and Soul Eater.

Why do I like one piece?

First of from the story line; I like one piece because the storyline is much more intersting than the other animes!!! When the sad part comes in I feel like I'm crying or in other words I am totally crying, because the scenes are touching and it does relates the watchers or readers to the scene. And if the story is livelier, ofcourse I am happy and I laugh sometimes. We can't guess the storyline because it's full of mistery like luffy says "I Don't know, but it's not him" on Kurohige, we can't guess what's that mean, right? and Oda is the greatest on making the great moments like Shanks vs Whitebeard, much better than Naruto that Jiraya vs Orochimaru. Then from characters. I Can feel very powerful spirit just looking great people like Luffy, Whitebeard, Roger, Dragon, Garp, Rayleigh, Shanks and Sengoku, do you feel the same?

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  • Tony Tony Chopper Strong Edition - Mangart Beams T
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  • Nami Strong Edition
  • Nico Robin Strong Edition
  • Usopp Strong Edition
  • Sanji Strong Edition
  • Franky Strong Edition
  • Brook Strong Edition
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