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Boogiedieboo. Not much else to say here

(LEE - owe - FEE - owe - STEH - la - FAYJ) <== muh name

Shit you need to know about meEdit

Very little. I'm a complete stranger on the internet, what do you need to know so bad? Pervert.

Male, 21. There, that's all you're getting.

Stuff I likeEdit


Franky; Silvers Rayleigh; Whitebeard; Kuzan; Fisher Tiger


Spandam; Arlong; Hody Jones; Caesar Clown; Crocodile; Caribou; Doflamingo; (YOUNG!) Gecko Moriah; Absalom

Neutral Characters:

Smoker; Eustass Kid; Killer; Basil Hawkins

Note that these are mostly aesthetic preferences, and I, for one, do NOT condone fishman-to-human racism, bumbling incompetence, political manipulation of desert countries, kidnapping, forced drug treatments, necromancy or spying on redheads in the shower.

who am I kidding, that last one rocks

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