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Man of Myth is Dayman

aka Proud Father

zori all things are equal when it comes to love
— ImHungry4444

You're my favorite user MoM, please please please be a mod
— DancePowderer

no I haven't had sex 81 times, I've had sex with 81 different women
— StrawhatBoy

How can sex turn you off if nothing turns you on #2deep4u
— Weirdowithcoffee in reference to asexuals not liking sex

Hello they call me MoM, which is short for Man of Myth, which is short for Man of Myth is legend. I've been on this wiki a long time, and have done almost nothing.

    神話 性交?

Favorite Characters Edit

Top 15 Favorite Characters
Kuzan Pre Timeskip Portrait Rob Lucci CP9 Portrait Brook Post Timeskip Portrait Gaimon Portrait Arlong Portrait
Kuzan Rob Lucci Brook Gaimon Arlong
Bepo Portrait Jinbe Portrait Sakazuki Portrait Bartholomew Kuma Portrait Shanks Portrait
Bepo Jinbe Akainu Bartholomew Kuma Shanks
Crocodile Portrait Borsalino Portrait Donquixote Doflamingo Portrait Emporio Ivankov Portrait Monkey D. Garp Portrait
Crocodile Borsalino Doflamingo Ivankov Garp

Personal thanks to: LPK who originally taught me this, and thanks to Neo i stole your brook picture.

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