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aka Meji

  • I was born on October 19
  • My occupation is Chef
  • I am Male
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Hey whats up this is mejiaj1, I am a big one piece fan (maybe the only one in my school but whatever). My 3 favorite characters in One piec is Sanji, Luffy, and Rob Lucci. My favorite arcs in one piece is the Cp9 arc and the marineford arc.If I were to copy any fighting style from any character it would be Sanji, because he use his legs for fighting and doesn't like to fight with his arm. Which is pretty same thing how I feel and also I want to become a chef.

My favorite pagesEdit

  • Favorite Straw Hat:Luffy
  • Favorite Chef: Sanji
  • Favorite supernova:Law
  • Favorite warlord: Mihawk (awesome)
    Rob Lucci

    Favorite CP9

  • Favorite Ex Warlord: Donflamigo

Favorite quotes

Listen up... you can pour drinks on me,you can throw food at can even spit on me.I'll just laugh that stuff off.But... Good reason or not... Nobody hurts a friend of mine!-Shanks

Favorite quote on this wiki

Edits are just numbers,thier worth is not even equal to toliet paper. Why you edit then?You edit because you want to part of something and enjoy it without expecting any rewards. The art of turning this stressful task into a fun game is called EDIT WHORING.

-Monkey D. Me(Proud EditWhore)

Favorite fights:

1.Luffy vs Rob lucci (awesome!!!) [File:Luffy & Lucci clash.png|thumb|156px|Fight between Lucci and Luffy]]

2.Luffy vs Crocodile
Luffy's Final Battle Against Crocodile

Luffy VS Crocodile

3.Sanji vs Jabra

4.Luffy vs Magellan

5.Luffy vs Blackbeard
Luffy Uses Jet Pistol on Blackbeard

My dreams in the future:

1.To become a proffesional chef

2. to make a huge feast for my friends. become the best chef in the world


June 12,2012:First 100 edits :)

July 7,2012:First 200 edits :)

January 14,2012: First 300 edits :)

Mejiaj1 17:26, July 8, 2012 (UTC)Mejiaj1

News:From July 20,2012 to August 3 2012 i won't be online because i will be in Colombia for two weeks. So until then adios my One piece friends :) ,Mejiaj1

Anime/Manga that i watch:

  • One Piece
  • Naruto
  • Hitman Reborn
  • Code Breaker
  • Durarara
  • Hunterxhunter
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