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A big fan of One Piece. When i was young, i used to watch one piece in its 4kids dub and since it was such a poor dub with it annoying child friendly censorship, I stopped watching one piece altogether and forgot about it for 8 years. But when I decided to see it again in 2010, I caught word of a funimation dub which was better than the 4kids dub and my love for one piece was reborn. I joined wikia in 2011 because I too wanted to contribute my knowledge of the one piece world. So far i have been writing summaries of the latest chapters and episodes and listed them below so that you can be interested in reading them youselves

My edited pagesEdit

("first short summary" means that I was the first to write the summary)

  • Amber Lead (Created Page)
  • Punk Hazard (the page I done the most edits on. The layout improvement was done by me, i just forgot to login before submitting the edit)
  • Brownbeard (did the paragraph in his history concerning his termination by the yeti's)
  • Kinemon (did the paragraph in his history concerning him looking for his torso)
  • Yeti Cool Brothers
  • Thunder Soldier (did the past section of his history)

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