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I n t r o d u c t i o n

       I'm Noctefleur (or just Night). I’m generally quite nice, though I will be savage occasionally.

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M y s e l f

       My username was once Arctic Blue - now it’s Noctefleur, after I requested a name change.

       Why Noctefleur? Well, Nocte is the singular ablative form of Nox (Night) in Latin, and could be translated as “at Night”, or “by Night”. Fleur is the French word for flower. Since Night was a nickname I’ve had for a while, I decided to use Noctefleur, which means something like “flower at night” or “flower of the evening”. Besides, I really liked the sound of Noctefleur. If you’re wondering, it is is pronounced Nock-tay-flir.

       You could always address me by my full username - or you could call me Night, which is still my preferred nickname. Noctia, Noct, Nacht, Nokt, Nokto, Nocte, and Fleur are all fine, too. That being said, do not call me Noc or Noctef.

       I would like to keep my gender mostly ambiguous, so male, female, and gender-neutral pronouns are all more or less acceptable whilst referring to me.

       My current profile picture: Kim Jisoo from BlackPink.

       My signature is:

Night TalkThere is a terror way beyond that of falling.

T r i v i a

  • I’ve been studying Latin for five years. Though I am not very proficient at it, I still enjoy reading Latin works of prose and poetry. Some of my favorite works are: Metamorphoses (Ovid), Ab Urbe Condita (Livy), and of course, the Aeneid (Virgil).
  • My favorite book is Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace. I’ve only read it once - which is not surprising as the novel is gargantuan in size and convoluted in nature - it took me an entire notebook of notes to make sense of it all. I would highly recommend it - provided that you have a ton of free time, and provided that you would not mind flipping to the back of the book to read the 100 page long collection of footnotes every 3 pages or so….
  • Aside from prose, I like reading poetry as well. My favorite poet is Sylvia Plath, and my favorite poems are “Lady Lazarus”, “Tulips”, “Fever 103”, and “Daddy” - all from her collection Ariel. Oh, and her The Bell Jar is probably my second favorite book, after IJ.
  • I love music, and I can (kind of) play the piano. The songs that I listen to are an unorthodox mix of classical music (Chopin, Beethoven), anime themes in Japanese (SAO, Re:Zero, Your Lie in April, etc.), Nightcore (Reality, Zero, Melody, Cherry), video game themes (Final Fantasy, Bloodborne, Undertale, Dark Souls).
  • Speaking of music, I'm a huge fan of kpop of course. My favorite groups, with biases in parentheses:
    • BTS (Jungkook)
    • SNSD (Taeyeon)
    • Girl's Day (Minah)
    • Red Velvet (Irene)
    • BlackPink (Jisoo)

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