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Sabo is alive.

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I am quick learning experienced editor, don't ever assume I do something without a proper solid reason. If you want to undo or undo one of my edits, always list the reason why, if you don't list the reason why, I can't learn and will just revert the page back to how it was before you undid my edit. I need to know why something can or can't be done. So always list a reason.

PS: If you have any questions, no matter what about please feel free to ask them.

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To Do List[edit | edit source]

1 Update the canon character list = done, mostly finished

2 Update the non-canon character list =done, finished

3 update chapter character tables = in progress and on hold, rehaul chapter 1/129

4 update merchandise sections at character pages =on hold

5 blog giant book long theory about one piece =on hold

6 being an active member on this wikia, not just by editing but also by chatting and blogging =done, can never be finished

7 Template, related updates= on hold

8 animal related stuff among others a list of animals in alphabetical order=to be done

9 update episode character in appearance sections =to be done (requires a discussion first)

10 transcripts of all the episodes =to be done (requires a discussion first)

11 transcripts of all the movies, specials, OVA's and Featurretes =to be done

12 appearance counts for characters =to be done (requires a discussion first)

13 update merchandise pages =to be done

14 creating individual animal pages =to be done (requires a discussion first)

15 updating the den den mushi page with all the different kinds of den den mushi and all of the den den mushi that have ever appeared =to be done

Favorite OP Characters[edit | edit source]

Top Favorites[edit | edit source]

the Gorousei
Elder 3 Portrait.png Elder 2 Portrait.png Elder 1 Portrait.png Elder 4 Portrait.png Elder 5 Portrait.png

Favorites[edit | edit source]

Male Characters
Dracule Mihawk Portrait.png Monkey D. Dragon Portrait.png Basil Hawkins Portrait.png Sengoku Admiral Portrait.png Kumadori CP9 Portrait.png
NoPicAvailable.png Shanks Portrait.png Jinbe Portrait.png Borsalino Portrait.png Hatchan Portrait.png
Nosgarl Portrait.png Bartholomew Kuma Portrait.png Vista Portrait.png Jorge Portrait.png NoPicAvailable.png
Buggy Portrait.png Donquixote Doflamingo Portrait.png Little Oars Jr. Portrait.png Caribou Portrait.png Vegapunk Portrait.png
Tomato Gang Portrait.png Pierre Portrait.png Dracule Mihawk Portrait.png Kumashi Portrait.png Dracule Mihawk Portrait.png
Female Characters
Nico Robin Child Portrait.png Tsuru Portrait.png Porche Portrait.png Perona Post Timeskip Portrait.png Haruta Portrait.png
Charlotte Linlin Portrait.png Fat Alvida Portrait.png Tashigi Post Timeskip Portrait.png Nefertari Vivi Portrait.png NoPicAvailable.png
Victoria Cindry Zombie Portrait.png Chimney Portrait.png Conis Portrait.png Kuina Portrait.png Rika Portrait.png
Nico Olvia Portrait.png Pascia Portrait.png Nami Post Timeskip Portrait.png Sadi Portrait.png Whitey Bay Portrait.png
Shalria Portrait.png Camie Portrait.png Raki Portrait.png Aisa Portrait.png Kureha Portrait.png

Mihawk means under construction.

Goals[edit | edit source]

1000 edits

5000 edits

15.000 edits

25.000 edits

50.000 edits

66.666 edits

75.000 edits

100.000 edits

500.000 edits

1.000.000 edits

9.999.999 edits

Remember always aim for the stars. (aka one piece will continue for at least 15 years min.)

Favorite Quotes[edit | edit source]

Under Construction also

Epic Galleries[edit | edit source]

Monkey D Dragon Gallery

Dracule Mihawk Gallery

Basil Hawkins Gallery

under construction

General Predictions[edit | edit source]

Sabo is alive and a leader among the revolutionaries.

In the end one piece will have three parts. Dragon will save Luffy from certain death before the series is out.

under construction

Slideshow[edit | edit source]

Under Construction too

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