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I can vandalize my own page if I want to thank you very much B-D

My self-proclaimed job in the Wikia[edit | edit source]

To keep an ever watchful eye on the wiki-activity page and correct/undo any fuckups I see.

I also seldomly do random blogs about random things I find interesting.

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Stalker info:[edit | edit source]

Don't really know what to write here, so I'm just gonna answer the typical A/S/L internet question: 21, F, Salzburg XD....

Favourite things in One piece:[edit | edit source]

  • Favourite Strawhat: Brook
  • Favourite Shichibukai: Doflamingo
  • Favourite Marine: Sengokou
  • Favourite Admiral: Kizaru
  • Favourite Yonkou: Whitebeard
  • Favourite veteran (participant in the war): Vista
  • Favourite fight: Zoro vs. Mr. 1
  • Favourite arc: Arlong Park
  • Favourite Supernova: Jewlery Bonney
  • Favourite villain: Crocodile

Things I like outside of One Piece:[edit | edit source]

  • Some other Animes: Hellsing, Elfenlied, Noír, Black Lagoon, Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop
  • Other manga: I don't really read a lot of other manga, I just read One Piece. I do like graphic novels and marvel comics however.
  • Graphic novel: basically anything by Allan Moore
  • Comic: The Punisher
  • Music,literature, sports, standard stuff....
  • Films: Western, movies they're so bad that they're good.
  • Favourite book series: The Wheel of Time, by the late Robert Jordan
  • "Classic" literature: Homo Faber - Max Frisch
  • Biscuits

My Stats:[edit | edit source]

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