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Important Stuff FirstEdit

So yea :3 I write fanfictions! Please read them ^^ (I currently have one One Piece story going(there's an OC but it's not all about her >o<) and pokemon stories too.) Here it is: Happy Reading! <3. Yesh, so I'm Japanese, Chinese, and American. I know decent Japanese, Chinese, but I live in America so I know English well. Anyway, I joined this wiki because I felt like it. I also draw, (not so well xD) but I can make chibis pretty well <3 LUFFY!!!! <3 . Anyway...LONG LIVE ODA!!!!!!

Hello :DEdit

Hey whoever is visiting my page. must like One Piece if you're here right o3o. Anyway, my name is Crystal. You can also call me by my username or Crystie. I absolutely LOVE ONE PIECE. Then again, who doesn't? (A low life person who doesn't know where the goods are that's right.) My thoughts on this anime/manga: IT IS LEGENDARY. Oda, you are a pure genius. The one man...who can combine comedy, adventure, legends, dreams, tragedy, and friendship and bind it all together with the powers of a rubber man! His style is amazing too. He's not like all those OTHER animes and mangas where every frikin character is "perfect" and "cutesy" and all that (besides, when those animes/mangas INCLUDE imperfect people, its highly exaggerated). Each character he makes is absolutely wonderful and every backstory for all the main characters are heart-wrenching and he makes things absolutely beautiful. Don't you agree? It's well thought out and simply wonderful to have animes like this that whenever you watch it, it makes you want to chase your dreams and live on in this crappy world! Sadly, animes like Naruto and Bleach somehow dominate the market (don't ask ME how) especially in America. I have NO idea what America is thinking, but I think Naruto is too redudant (it's basically ninjas killing each other and a nine-tailed fox-reminds me of pokemon o3o) and Bleach was pretty decent until is changed too much and suddenly it was about girls ._______. . One Piece, you have won me over. LONG LIVE ODA-SENSEI!!!!!!!

OC TIME :D <3Edit

So yea :3. My character's name is Kaida which translates to "Litte Dragon" in Japanese. She's named after my editor, because her name is Kaida in Japanese and she works really hard to help me write my stories :).

Name: Kaida

Epithet: Thorned Dragon, Wildflower

Birthday: September 5

Age: 19

Animal she's most like: Puppy

History: Kaida's

Pairings Anyone?Edit

So...I know Oda doesn't want "romance" and all that gushy stuff to be affiliated with One Piece but...I can't help myself!!! KYA, so here we go :)

SanjixNami (Well, he obviously loves her more than ANY other female chara, even Robin. She also calls him with the -kun at the end. The -kun is used for people you feel close or emotionally attached to. Besides, I find this the only pairing that ACTUALLY WORKS. LuffyxNami fans...Luffy is too dense for love .________. He may give her the straw hat but he basically allows any of his nakama to hold it.)

ZoroxTashigi (LOL, poor Zoro. I pair him with his weakness >:D. I know, I know...not many people actually support this ADORABLE pairing. Zoro can be virtually paired with any female/male >..>. At first I gave up hope because Tashigi left, BUT THEN SHE CAME BACK --> TASHIGI RETURNS!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 So, my hope has been restored! I love Oda-sensei :) Doing what the public needs xD)

LuffyxHancock ( we have the one-sided pairing <3. I'm on neutral grounds for this one, but more leaning towards "yes". Only because Hancock is basically the only person, besides Sanji, that can feed Luffy 24/7 with delicious FOOD-meat. I love those random daydreams of her and Luffy xD <3)

LuffyxKaida (KAIDA DOES NOT REALLY EXIST. DON'T PENALIZE ME O^O. I like to pair my OC's with some real people. In this, I pair my OC Kaida with Luffy. They're both simple-minded people and are quite dense. And they both love adventure and being with their friends <3 and yes, when I support this in my Fanfics, Hancock ain't gonna be happy.)

My favorite pagesEdit

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