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This is my first article as Rainbowman. I am writing this article so I can introduce myself. I am a male fan of One Piece. My age right now is 26. The reason for my username is because my favorite color is rainbow (Basically Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple). The reason I like those colors is because they represent Optimism and Unity. But don't think that I am gay (homosexual) because I'm not into that stuff. I am however interested in lesbians- the kissing, the way they rub their breasts together, and how one woman suckles on the other woman's breasts. When it comes to anime females, I like those who have thick eyebrows, big muscles, glasses, round foreheads, ponytails, pigtails, or even sideburns (which is different than how males have sideburns) all of which have breasts (and possibly butts) that jiggle and bounce. I also happen to be a maeiusiophiliac (someone who fetishes over pregnant women) because I like pregnant bellies- how big they are, the texture, the way they rub against each other, and the way they jiggle and move (I hope none of you can hold that against me whether you're just jealous or think I'm a sicko). In addition I like how the breasts lactate. But enough of this stuff, I'll change the subject. My favorite animal species is the feline (cat). My lucky numbers are: 0 (an important number I'm sure), 3 (number of the trinity and trilogy), 6 (number of the colors of the Rainbow as seen in most medias), 9 (highest number digit and the supposed lives of the feline), and 12 (number for the clock, calendar, and zodiac). The game genres I like are platformers(i.e. Super Mario Bros., Warioworld), fighting (i.e. Super Smash Bros., Mortal Kombat), profile collecting (Pokemon, Digimon, Viva Pinata) and possibly racing (i.e. Mariokart: Double Dash). The movie genres I like are Fantasy, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Action, Sci-fi, Romance (sometimes), Drama (sometimes), Musical (sometimes), and Horror. That's all for now folks ("Merry go round broken down" playing).

One Piece representationsEdit


Luffy- Captain
Zoro- First Mate
Nami- Navigator
Usopp- Marksman
Sanji- Cook
Chopper- Doctor
Robin- Archaeologist
Franky- Shipwright
Brook- Musician


Dad: Franky (Thug)
Mom: Robin
First Son: Zoro
Second Son: Sanji (Punk)
Daughter: Nami
Third Son: Usopp
Fourth Son: Luffy
Youngest: Chopper
Grandpa: Brook

Animals (according to Oda)

Luffy- Monkey
Zoro- Shark
Nami- Cat
Usopp- Armadillo
Sanji- Duck
Chopper- Reindeer
Robin- Crane
Franky- Bull
Brook- Horse

Animals (Unlimited Cruise)

Luffy- Lion
Zoro- Dragon
Nami- Tropical fish
Usopp- Owl
Sanji- Goat
Chopper- Dinosaur
Nico Robin- Butterfly
Franky- Rhino
Brook- Swallow
Animals (as of Chapter 651)
Luffy- Monkey
Zoro- Tiger
Nami- Cat
Usopp- Chameleon
Sanji- Goat
Chopper- Red Panda (mentioned as Lesser Panda)
Nico Robin- Peregrine Falcon
Franky- Rhino
Brook- Skeletal Giraffe


Luffy- Red
Zoro- Green
Nami- Orange
Usopp- Yellow
Sanji- Blue (standard)
Chopper- Pink
Robin- Purple
Franky- Blue (Cyan)
Brook- Black and White


Luffy- Meat
Zoro- Steel
Nami- Money and Mikan (Oranges)
Usopp- Gunpowder
Sanji- Seafood and Cigarettes
Chopper- Unknown (->
Robin- Flowers
Franky- Cola
Brook- Tea

Birthdates and Zodiac Signs

Luffy- May 5 Taurus
Zoro- November 11 Scorpio
Nami- July 3 Cancer
Usopp- April 1 Aries
Sanji- March 2 Pisces
Chopper- December 24 Capricorn
Robin- February 6 Aquarius
Franky- March 9 Pisces
Brook- April 3 Aries


Luffy- Meat
Zoro- White Rice, Sea Monster Meat and anything that goes with Ale
Nami- Oranges and all other Fruit
Usopp- Pike from Autumn Island and other fish of the season; Dislikes Mushrooms
Sanji- Spicy Seafood Pasta and stuff that goes with Black Tea
Chopper- Cotton Candy, Chocolate, and other sweet stuff
Robin- Sandwiches, Semi-sweet Cakes and stuff that goes with Coffee
Franky- Hamburgers, French Fries and stuff that goes with Cola (Junk Food basically)
Brook- Tea and Takoyaki

Friends (Alive)

Luffy- Shanks, Makino
Zoro- Koshiro, Rika
Nami- Nojiko
Usopp- Kaya
Sanji- Zeff
Chopper- Kureha
Robin- ?
Franky- Mozu, Kiwi, Iceburg
Brook- Laboon

Friends (Dead)

Luffy- Sabo (dead until proven otherwise), Ace
Zoro- Kuina (not that she really is dead)
Nami- Bellemere
Usopp- Banchina
Sanji- ?
Chopper- Dr. Hiriluk
Robin- Professer Clover, Nico Olivia (dead until proven otherwise)
Franky- Tom
Brook- Calico Yorki
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