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hi i'm a total addicted fan of One piece and this page is about me and how i become a fan of one piece.

About Me[edit | edit source]

Name = ???(i don't want to reveal it)

Age = 16

Gender = Male

Country Philippines

Nationality = Filipino

Favorite anime ONE PIECE

How I become addicted to ONE PIECE[edit | edit source]

It all started in my first year in high school(I'm only 11 at that time) when i was watching Hunter x Hunter on local TV network and then it come out to be that the show was replaced by another anime.(by that time i was addicted to hunter x hunter) I was very mad and decided not to watch the new anime but i kneew it was about pirates which made me more decided not to watch the show the the next day my cousin said he want to watch hunter x hunter and then i said it was replaced then he asked what kind of anime was the on that replaced the show i said it was about pirates but then he said he want to watch the show then we watch it at first i find it boring but then i got very interested at amazed and instantly become a fan when i saw one part of the show. The show is titled "ONE PIECE"(of course) the part i was telling is when luffy jump in the front of zoro and block the bullets from the marines with morgan my face turn like the faces of the marines i was very very amazed and that's why i become a fan.

where could i help[edit | edit source]

i can help in any searchng matters anything you want to search just put it in my talk and i will do it instantly.

Devil fruit predictions[edit | edit source]

pocket fruit (Blamenco)

spider fruit (Onigumo)

poison fruit (Magellan)

snake fruit (Marigold & Sandersonia)

barrier fruit (Bartolomeo)

wind fruit

rabbit fruit

taste fruit

oil fruit

plant fruit

mirror fruit

tiger fruit

bat fruit

pig fruit

frog fruit

gorilla fruit

peacock fruit

soul fruit

thief fruit

time fruit

this is the devil fruits i predict some of them actually come up i always wish doflamingo got the spider fruit and i always dreamt of the pocket fruit to be like doreamon which grants instant super strength to handle things!!!

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