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{{Char box |backcolor=0072BB |textcolor=FFFFFF |name=Richard "Strong-Fist" |jname=リチャード "強力拳" |rname=Richādo "Kyōryoku-ken"| ename=Richard "Strong Fist" |first=8 years before the current timeline |affltion=Ahou Pirates |ocupation=1st mate |extra1=Char box agenbirth|bounty==char box bounty

"I am only a man who sails on the seas"[edit | edit source]

This would be my character in the One Piece world, he was born on an island in the Grand Line and after word of the strongest fighting style he decided to find Jinbe, after a long search when he was only 11 years old on the seas, he found Jinbe at the age of 14 on Fishman Island and trained with him for 9 years before returning to the Grand Line where he eats the Logic Logic Fruit. He then returned in the same year the Straw-hats left and trained with Jinbe 21 more years, developed new techinques, mastered haki and is the strongest user of Fishman Karate in the world, he joins the Ahou Pirates with the captain Marcus Junior and is found out from where he hides, after his original 5 milion bounty on the Grand Line in his first years, now after sinking several Marine Ships as he was trying to sleep and defeating a vice-admiral and a pacifista, his bounty shoots up to 350.000.000 beli. Now he sails the seas searching for adventure.

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