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"You fucking do that every damn time I try to talk to you about anything even if it's not important you just say K and to be honest it makes me feel rejected and unheard like nothing would be better that that bullshit who the fuck just says k after you tell them something important I just don't understand how you think that's ok and I swear to god you're probably just gonna say k to this but when you do you'll know that you're slowly killing me inside" icy af

"I don't know how to act like a bitch" Spain's Worst Nightmare

"Except relationships on eHarmony actually have a chance to succeed" Pedo Bear's advice on relationships

"My account name's bothering another cool user. Please delete my existence." The True Sock

"I just wanted to turn discord notifications off since my phone was vibrating every two seconds I use my phone as a phone, not a vibrator I use different shit for that" one cool mofo

"Wtf Drake" A very bad Ikea spy who really needs to get laid off or fired

"Back in the late 1800's, a man once said "Fuck, I wish I knew what that Irish girl looked like." And so the camera was born." The Guy who Caught them All

"Then, Drake transformed into a fire-breathing ghost dinosaur with gatling guns for arms." A man with experience ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"I had recently reconciled my differences with my father, we live in different states and it was a great tool for us to bond" MoM's attempt at gaining pity from customer service

"YOU'RE A MOTHERFUCKING PUMPKIN FACE" A boomerang that is likely never coming back

Because being a Shichibukai is fun. A good Swede

“Catalonia is a country, free of charge, for a few days. ” A person who makes Dressrosa sound like paradise

"Fact: self pity is the most abused substance on the Wiki.” This guy

"Hey, I didn't go to 'Nam to get my rights taken from me! I'm a citizen of the United States of Wikia! I will not be treated this way. I know my rights"

"officer, I didn't SMOTHER her, I ASPHYXIATED her! It was science, not murder!" The man, the legend

"i was triggered by Drake" Captain Portugal

"My name is chuck and I'm here to fuck" Some guy named Chuck

"Every school is a tinder box and it's your god given right to burn it down." A good Aussie

"i'm not Mexican" Some Murican

"when Skyrim came out i got scared of bird shadows. they might be dragons" A man I respect

"staw isn't greek enough to be Galaxy"  ??????

"my titties are so calm they're stiff" A man named Fin

"gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8" Belissima

"bored, level: wanting to read Enrik's links" A good Catalan

"i have a bigger drinking problem than nova, i can't afford alcohol" Oh Murica

"Kaido, take that fucking Santa hat off and go back to the Totoro naked lady." Some street fighter

"you'd rather play with a friend's pussy than your own pussy" He's on a roll today

"A vegan, an atheist, and a gay walk into a bar. I know because they announced it" "my boss"

"Unfortunately anyone who looks into Xil's face will have their eyeballs explode and it's too much of a liability" Queen of the Beasts

"I like my guys with their pants on. Preferably shirts on too" Something an Italian doesn't hear too often

" I praise the fire for the night is dark and full of incest" We want that Vaiti avi back

"Admiral Drake, feel the pain of Jess and Erza's victory The one who has the right to arm bears

"Let's all nominate Drake for admin" My boss promoting me

"For the web is dark and full of fincest" Still waiting

""Roses are red Violets are blue I chat with friends on the internet Somebody please run me over with a lawnmower" A normal user

"SEMEN STAINS THE MOUNTAIN TOPS" Still normal compared to other users

"u suk lol" Words of encouragement when playing Borderlands 2

"This is the nerd equivalent of a bunch of bitchy teenage girls." Pretty much sums up most edit wars

"Prepare to be pummeled cheerfully, jauntily, and utterly one-sidedly!" Some chick from Kill la Kill

"OMG A PENIS" Our glorious admin everyone

"hungry and his abs are the last thing I remember before deleting fb" Ryu's minion

""a neo nazi posting on a Jewish board isn't a troll. Just an asshole" Troll Master

"What's the definition of a Jewish dilemma? Answer: Free ham" Koromo

""tbh Enrik... I prefer BroOk over you." The Besty

"I'd fuck my own ass" Weirdy

"your pervert yaoi squirreliness is essential to this chat" NYEH HEH HEH

"if people can fap to a harpy, I can fap to a rabbit" JustSomeFurry

"the mariana trench is basically Earth's vajayjay" Targaryen Jesus

"SHB has probably fucked every woman in Australia by now" Still dont find him weird

"you want to shit like a targaryen?" Jade's reaction when I link something from thisiswhyImbroke.com

"does st live in op chat? need to start charging him rent" Some Finn

"your grandma is Turkish and has an iphone?" I may be adopted

Season 2 (Discord Saga)

"i'd go to a concert to listen Spanish anthem before going to ikea" Wat

"get a room plz. If not I will film it and sell it for moneh" I will think of something clever later

"i almost choked on my banana. I should never go into the porn industry" maybe the agriculture industry

"id preffer being raped by staw than edit this wiki" Omai...

"pretty sure yaoi and catalonia comprise the two halves of Enrik's brain" Give this man's cafe 5 star reviews on Yelp!

"oh good god I've been gone for 12 hours and trump is winning and st's ban forum is reopened the world is ending" King of the Bees

"My ex boobs were nice" ._.

""Rules: no awkward topics"........ Everyone talks about boobs" some new guy

"That's supposed to be a panda? I thought it was a penguin" Actually it was supposed to be a Chocobo :D

"AoD, if I attempted to make popcorn in the outback, I'd either die from heat, lack of hydration, a kangaroo, a snake, or from the popcorn being mutated from the heat" I'll just get a candy bar then

"did the titanic actually happen irl" *face palm*

" yawn done playing. it's fuckable still a lot better than Staw

"you are a girl. i am a hat. we are potatoes" True wisdom

"I won't proclaim anyones greatness except Bears and Drake and Jesus" Ayyyy

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