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  • I live in India
  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is Student and free boy
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My name is Sreenivas.I live in Bangalore(India).People often give me kicks on buttocks because I almost failed in so many things.I had connection with Internet from Year 2010.It was not long to hear the term Anime from my friend Abhinay).I was so addicted to anime of One piece and Naruto.I started seeing anime of One piece at first than slowly I got addicted to naruto.Later I heard about manga and turned my side.I was once again informed about wikia community by my friend.I did a lot of troubling things at starting, but then later slowly used to get improved in editing work.I make Short summaries almost a week for new Manga chapter when I get time.I do love to be user of this wiki and obviously the fact that all other users are cooler than me can' t be denied.I do have some grudge on Oda for letting the series in slow way.The cool characters of Oda creations are:Caribou, Sengoku, Ace, Sabo.

Favorite Covers

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Chapter 448
Chapter 1 Chapter 448
Chapter 628 Chapter 598
Chapter 628 Chapter 598
Influencing Characters
Eustass Kid Portrait Trafalgar D. Water Law Portrait Bartholomew Kuma Portrait Jinbe Portrait Smoker Post Timeskip Portrait
Eustass Kid Trafalgar Law Bartholomew Kuma Jinbe Smoker
Roronoa Zoro Post Timeskip Portrait Marshall D. Teach Portrait Franky Post Timeskip Portrait Crocodile Portrait Paulie Portrait
Roronoa Zoro Blackbeard Marshall D. Teach Franky Crocodile Paulie
Kalgara Portrait Iceburg At Age 30 Kalifa at Age 20 Monkey D. Dragon Portrait Shanks Portrait
Kalgara Iceburg Kalifa Monkey D. Dragon Shanks

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Hody Jones
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