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aka Just call me Swim

  • I live in Greece!
  • My occupation is Student duh!
  • I am ......................male

Swim's Profile

Yo! 'im swim! i'm 14,greek,and big fan of One piece!!! While i was surfing in the internter-,and to be precise,wanting to find out what a name of a santoryu attack means-at my uncles house,i go into the wiki that i always know will help with those stuff.And while io though that i know the wiki,i suddently found the sacred place known as BLOGS.. Started reading two or three.Loved it!!!! i came here right about when Whiskey;s tournament ended i think.If i remeber correctyl,the 2nd or even first blog i read was a blog about that tournametn,complaining that zoro lost to sanji.I then read a BLS prediction,then some Sabo-like blogs,and i basicly decided to not waist my time and enter.And so,Swim was born!

After some days here,i finnaly gt used to the thing.Of cource,even now,i kinda feel like a noob compared to the other pople here.But now it'sd different.After half a year,i found good friends here.I found my own nakamas and my own rivals,and so many other firends.That is what makes this wiki wonderfull.And i thank those guys for being there.

Continuation: 23/72013

And here i am again. Dunno why really. Mainly because i saw Marimo's updated page and i got jealous XD.

So....Wiki huh? havent been here for a long time *looks around* Everything pretty much looks the same.

That's it for now :3 

Anime Stuff

Ok so i decided to add some more info on my profile!! SO Anime related stuff in this tab:

Volumes of One Piece i iown: 21-43-48

Other Manga i own: Yugioh (original) All vlumes (7 vols)---Monthly Shonen Jump from 10/2009 to 5/2011 

One piece 10,11,12,21,43,48,61,62


Naruto: 44

Shaman King:15

Rurouni Kenshin:14, 17

Fairy Tail :12,20

Katekyo Hitamn Reborn: 12 

I also am the proud owner of several Katanas!

One Damascus Magnum Sword

A Taito

A Sode No Shirayuki Replica (Kuchiki Rukia, from Bleach)

A simple katana replica.

Aaand 3 Bokkens :P

My self
Ok so this time,its about swim.Yeah about jason actually.

SUZUKU (to be continued)

About me
I love One Piece and this wiki! I take pride in beeing an aho in training (close to mastery) and the person who alwasy will make a joke.
What I do here
Blog,comment,rarely edit,and have fun with my friends.Also in war wiki i RP

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