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I'm mostly known on the discussions as a yonko but I know most of the people here. I love One Piece and I'd like to say that I have a pretty good knowledge of the series though most certainly not the best, not even on the wiki. I like to debunk stuff and argue quite a bit and I hate people who use illogical arguments. If you are reading this you are most likely on the discussions and know me already but if you are new welcome! Hope to see you contribute to the wiki and have fun as I do on here. Though the contributing is a bit iffy at best XD

One Piece related stuff about me

My favortie character is Zoro, Law is my favorite warlord (I guess he is former now so The great and all powerful Lord Buggy-sama is probs my fav though I would put Jinbei ahead of his as well), My favortie devil fruit is that genie one used by Daifuku, My fav arc is the post war arc ASL flashback. Looking forward to sharing my theories and Ideas and hopefully get into an argument or two about them ;) 

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