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because d shells are too big

and b shells are too small

— Fin answering the question: "why does arielle wears sea-shells????"



I'm 17 years old and some of you might already guess where my username comes from: Trigun.

Long story short, I like lots of manga's and I'm too lazy to write them all down. ^_^

Praise the sun \(*^*)/


The most epic characters in One Piece!!

Silly Naruto~

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The Humaniod Typhoon Talkco</span> (Made by Ricizubi) (Slightly adapted)

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X-RAPTOR (Obviously made for X-RAPTOR)

WOP Still busy on finishing things.

Besty 17! My masterpiece *_*

 Jess Talk k    Gawd I'm proud *^* (activation heart based on WWC's sig)

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