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Mock-up code for Devil Fruits for when they are named[edit | edit source]


{{ | dfbackcolor = AD7FAC | dftextcolor = 523551 | dfname = Oshi Oshi no Mi | dfename = Pressure-Presure Fruit | dfmeaning = Pressure | dftype = Paramecia }}

Eustass Kid

{{ | dfbackcolor = 7A0936 | dftextcolor = F50531 | dfname = Jisha Jisha no Mi | dfename = Lode-Lode Fruit /Magnet-Magnet Fruit | dfmeaning = Magnet | dftype = Paramecia }}

What I think the unnamed fruits will be called (invalidated guesses crossed out)[edit | edit source]

  • Scratchmen Apoo's: Band-Band Fruit: a one-man band human (see what I did there :D). Music-Music Fruit doesn't seem to convey his powers very well as they're not really just about music but musical instruments.
  • Basil Hawkins's: Hex-Hex Fruit: a curse human/hex human. Would've gone with Curse-Curse Fruit but honkin' 4Kids ran with Cursed Fruit as a more polite way of saying Devil Fruit, and it'd just confuse people even more by this point.
  • Urouge: Karma-Karma Fruit: a karma human.
  • X Drake: Lizard-Lizard Fruit, Model: T-Rex. Alternatively: Reptile-Reptile Fruit, Model: T-Rex.
  • Jewelry Bonney: Age-Age Fruit: an aging human... yeah, that's pretty redundant.
  • Eustass Kid: Magnet-Magnet Fruit: a magnetic human.
  • Issho: Pressure-Pressure Fruit: a pressure human/Gravity-Gravity Fruit: a gravity human (Gravity's three syllables and a little unwieldy to say, so Grav-Grav Fruit?)
  • Kin'emon Camo-Camo Fruit/Guise-Guise Fruit: a disguise human. (camouflage)
  • Kanjuro: Draw-Draw Fruit: a drawing human.
  • Jozu: Diamond-Diamond Fruit: a diamond human. (obviously)
  • Marco: Bird-Bird Fruit, Model: Phoenix.
  • Blamenco: Pocket-Pocket Fruit: a pocket human.
  • Dalmatian: Dog-Dog Fruit, Model: Dalmatian (Uh, DURR!!)
  • Pekoms: Reptile-Reptile Fruit, Model: Tortoise. Close. It was Kame Kame no Mi. Zoan Devil Fruits usually have a taxonomy, but this one did not, surprisingly.

And one guess.

  • Ryokugyu: Kaze Kaze no Mi AKA Wind-Wind Fruit: a wind human- wild winds like a rampaging bull... everywhere he rampages looks like a bull in a china shop hit.


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