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aka Up!

  • I live in SIDE A HOUSE
  • My occupation is SLEEPING
  • I am Awesome

Hmmm, yeah ok. So WELCOME.

Intro Edit

Yo! Hmmmm... nope, can't think of a good intro Anyway, I'm Upcear! (Yes, my username has an exclmation mark), and I am usually, if not always, bored ( -_-).

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes: People, Anything, Coffee, Anime, Morbid stuffs :D

Dislikes: People, Everything, Noise, MATH

Favorite Characters Edit

  • Chopper- He is so cute, I get nosebleeds when I see him.
  • Robin- I like her morbid comments plus she's ROBIN, duh.

Least Favorite Edit

  • Chimney- She's so fudging annoying along with her rabbit cat.
  • Foxy and his crew- So fudging annoying, plus cheaters.

Hated Characters Edit

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