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Name's Xinyingho, you can call me Xiny.

I'm a French of Chinese and Vietnamese origins. So I can "read" some Japanese because I'm fluent enough in Chinese to understand (rather guess) the meaning of Japanese sentences with a lot of kanji (or hanzi in Chinese). As I know some katakana, I can actually spot and transliterate most English loanwords.

I'm just fond of One Piece and the universe Oda's created. When I've come to discover the OP Wikia, I was like "nothing fancy here". But then it grows to something more mature, encompassing nearly every elements of my beloved series.

But then, another aspect I like about One Piece are the products that come out of it, the anime version of course, but also the figures. So when I've come to take a look at the Megahouse P.O.P figure article and saw there was only a poor listing of the figures the line is composed of, I just took the time to make it a reference page for every fans that would want to start their P.O.P collection.

From there, I've kept on updating largely outdated (sometimes inaccurate) figure related pages and created brand new related pages:

After all, there are enough people knowledgeable about One Piece itself. I'll just keep a side-role.

As a sidenote, some of my writings are the results of my genuine own discoveries and inspiration of the moment, but some are also reworked copy/pasting from interesting threads of the Arlong Park forums. Although I don't give AP forum users any credit, you can actually treat my contributions as a collaborative work :)

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