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Work Bench

The Work Bench are pages and stubs that need expanding/editing.

Episode Stubs

There are tons of episodes that are missing long or short summaries. But there is just no way I'm gonna go back and watch every single one of them by myself and write out long summaries. (You are very, very welcome to help.) However, there are a couple I'd be willing to do. Most likely my favorite episodes.
To Do


[[One Piece International]]

As an encyclopedia I would really love more info on where One Piece stands in other countries. If I could somehow gather more info on a specific country, I'll try to expand the page. One I'd like to see:
To Do


One Piece Music

Priorities: The music pages need lots and lots of work. I can do translations and organise everything into tables. Here goes!


Only ones I'm doing translations for are listed here.


Completed Lyric Pages.

Lower Priorities

Basically the only things not listed above are music pages that only have romanized and translated lyrics. (Hopefully I'll get to those later... eventually... Like I said, anyone is welcome to help. Not meaning to hog anything just because I wrote it down. It's just to keep my own mind on track.

Also, there is just... so much already on the list above, nothing from "One Piece Character Song Carnival" or songs from the movies are here.

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