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havn't you guys ever thought of smoker as a marine version of luffy but just a little stronger considering everytime they meet he seems to be a step ahead of luffy. i dont know if oda did that on purpose to make them like garp and roger. so if u think about it it is like roger's story but now told as luffy's ( a pirate going to become pirate king but has a marine rival around same level always chasing him)

also speaking of smoker, what level do u think he is? i dont think smoker would be shichibukai level i think he would be able to take some on like luffy but not on but he's not their level like luffy is not.i think his strength would get him a rear admiral level in the marine's heirarchy and a supernova level as a pirate, so he's like drake in terms of stength(talking about before time skip). After timeskip i think he would still be as strong as drake or kidd is how they are now considering they might be as strong as luffy and even if luffy has haki now oda wouldn't make him way stronger than the supernova since their like his collegs or rivals in the new world.

so no i dont think smoker is in the same level as ace( since ace was in the shichibukai level years before), or the other commanders, or even their ally pirate captains ( but he might be able to take some on with them having the upper hand)

i know every thing is everywhere and branching out into diff. topics but still comment on any of these things i said

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