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12th Supernova 12th Supernova 1 April 2018

Chapter 901: The End of One Piece

Now this may come as a shock to most of you, but I have some very sad news. Even though he's coped ok with health problems so far, Oda has tweeted that he's going to discontinue the manga so that he can recover for a year or two (although the tweet was since deleted so there is still hope). Very sad news, I'm sure you'll all agree, so with that in mind I know there's going to be questions. Everyone knows that when a mangaka starts delaying their series for health reasons, it's never a good sign - look at Hxh - so we can probably expect that even when it comes back it'll be substandard.

Regarding the plot, it's not a great place to hiatus or end, but at least there's a story reason for it - Luffy and the others are dead or captured. Going up…

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12th Supernova 12th Supernova 15 June 2017

Chapter 869: Who's The Daddy

It's been a while since I've been free to do one of these chapter reviews, but annual leave has coincided with a Thursday, so here goes:

Well, Big Mom has snapped out of it. Maybe. She's too angry to really tell, but the good news is that she's stopped screaming for the first time in over a month. The anime is going to have to hire someone with very strong lungs to cope with that.

The bad news is that there's not an obvious way out of this one for our heroes. Even after their big flashy transformation scene, a nice look into the camera shot, some individual attacks - they're toast, and the pirates are probably screwed as well.

Brulee was taken back as well, so there's no ex machina likely to happen with her - unless someone was hiding inside …

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12th Supernova 12th Supernova 29 December 2016

Chapter 851: Full Candy Jacket

Not a bad chapter to end the year on.

So, we've got Pudding showing more of her real nature. Some Usopp level impersonations there. She's just generally quite nasty, but I suppose if she weren't it'd be unusual. She is the daughter of a Yonko after all. And she has a cool gun that makes no sense but hey it's sweet themed so that means something.

Sanji... oh boy. I felt bad for him. That was the best depiction of heartbreak I've seen in years. Well done, Oda.

Brook seems to be faring astonishingly well against Big Mom. He's taken a hit or two and he's still standing, and he seems to have a proper plan as well. Kind of disappointed that there was no joke about him being already dead, mind.

Luffy still can't rip his arms off. I mean that's good b…

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12th Supernova 12th Supernova 24 December 2016

Ghosts of One Piece Yet to Come

And this rounds it off. Before you ask, yes, I'm a little drunk, but I'm being sober in these blogs.

So sooner or later someone in One Piece is going to die for reals again. Might be someone like Cobra who we don't really care about any more, might be someone like Jinbe. Might even be Shanks. We don't know yet.

Don't tell anyone but I'm leaning towards the Shanks dying theory.

But here's the thing - it's a fine line between worrying about something that might happen in the distant future, and not caring at all about the future.

I've been in some dark places in my past. And just going along with life's shit as it happened didn't help me get out of them. So the third and final thing I'm going to ask you to do is the hardest one, but still just a…

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12th Supernova 12th Supernova 24 December 2016

Ghosts of One Piece Present

This is a much more tenuous link than the first part, but bear with me: the souls affected by Big Mom are basically ghosts.

No, really. They're spirits that have been removed from their original bodies. Think about it.



But you know what? You make the most of what you have. That's a good life lesson. To quote Monty Python, always look on the bright side of life.

Try doing that. I know I've been far from a positive person at times, but I want you to go to someone who matters to you and tell them you appreciate them. It's a quick thing to do, and maybe it'll make their life just that bit brighter.

Merry Christmas.

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