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Onto the second movie review we go. Quite entertaining, this one, more so than the first, for a few reasons - but I suppose you want me to go into detail? Go on then, if you insist - not bad plot, not bad new characters, not bad setting and ideas.

Calming down on a beach somewhere after trashing Arlong but before entering the Grand Line, the crew realise that someone's nicked Merry, along with everything on board, and set off in pursuit in clothes I think they took from a fancy dress shop. Running into a pair of thieves along the way, Nami (and the Hat) get abducted, and they head towards Clockword Island, apparently named because there's a massive clockwork gear and all the native inhabitants are good at fixing clockwork or something - look, I'm tired, I'm a bit drunk, you expect rationale and logic?

Defying traps and general "impossible for a normal human to get past" stuff, Luffy and the rest get onto the island and attack the stronghold themed like the suits in cards - because Doflamingo has no original ideas. Making up the fairly useless resistance is a fat guy with spikes on him, a woman who can turn into liquid, a farty fella and a swordsman who doesn't know how to proverb. Unsurprisingly, the crew get split up and variously beaten before the end boss fight, leaving Luffy trapped in a room with floor moving towards ceiling, and the others about to be shot by a giant cannon. 

Getting there in the end, Luffy frees his crew, they all pair off to fight an enemy, the usual drill. The spikey guy gets kicked by Sanji once he finally gets his shoes back, the liquid woman tries to run and gets trapped in a bottle by Nami, the farty guy gets shot up the fart hole by Usopp, the swordsman gets owned by Zoro - literally nothing that was unexpected. Laughably, the boss actually outfights Luffy, until he gets in the giant cannon and shoots a shell at the rubber band, who catches it and throws it back at him. Hurray, end of film, one of the thieves was from the island originally, the island breaks, lots of people are forced to leave, mass chaos and destruction, the crew sail off into the horizon. I'm forced to rate this film 7 out of 10, if only for the architecture.

Now that that's over, I'm afraid to say that this code test batch is now. - out of three samples, not one was easy enough to be solved, which kind of defeats the point - so the next batch will begin with the next blog, and I promise to make it simple enough for certain people to solve.

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