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Frankly, this movie is nothing but a cheap attempt to cash in, but review it I shall.

Very early in the story, the Straw Hats happen accross a pirate called El Drago and his search for a hidden treasure. Veering off course to try and get this treasure themselves, the crew somehow blunder their way to finding it in the end, but be warned - well animated this ain't. Based shortly before Sanji joined the crew (yes, this is still in East Blue), we've got bad colouring and graphics right from the start, not to mention the antagonists. How the writers managed to convince themselves that a pirate who could shoot lasers (or sound based force, but it looks cooler if you think of it as a laser) from his mouth was a villain worty of a film is beyond me, but maybe it'd explain why the Pacifista can all do it. Quaintly, we have an enemy swordsman for Zoro to face, a man worth an astonishing Beli8,000,000, a warrior so mighty that he's not even worth a good attack, as well as Nami and Usopp doing nothing but stealing and lying.

Onwards - let's not let this turn into a rant. Obviously, with these restrictions, it's not going to be a movie on the same level as Strong World or Film Z, but it does have a few gems of comedy throughout - Zoro attempting to fend off El Drago while chained to Luffy and only using one sword in his mouth being one of the notable ones. Perhaps the final boss battle is worth seeing, but it's no better than what's in the anime around that time.

Kindly, there is a happy ending for the non-antagonist people in the film - one was the old friend of the dead pirate with the treasure, and bore the guilt of thinking he'd killed him as a child, only to find that he died as a successful criminal instead. A short film, only an hour or so in length, but if you have time it might be worth a look. There are times when I look back at the origins of One Piece... Luffy being utterly useless... Nami not having a massive rack... Usopp being funny... and wonder if maybe East Blue wasn't such a bad place for it to have come from after all. I rate this film a meagre 5 out of 10.

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