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So yeah, early chapter. Didn't expect that.

Sabo just chilling with the Straw Hats was funny. Bellamy is confirmed alive, as well as Law (shut up you damn fangirls!)

Losing his memories is a good cause for him not to ever seek his brothers out, but once again it's been suggested in forums. It's a real pain that people will inevitably come up with the plot of something given enough time. Still, Oda has thrown PLENTY of curve balls at us in the past, so I'm confident he'll continue to do so in the future. For example, my prediction is that Kaido might be a rogue Admiral. He won't be, but if he is I called it here.

The Vivre Cards make a return as a bond between brothers, that was a nice touch. Sabo saying the same thing to Zoro (and the others, who are either asleep or weren't there) that Ace said to Zoro and the others made me chuckle.

I wonder what those birds were? I have to assume it's a member of the Revolutionaries' DF ability, and it's certainly stealthier than a ship.

So, what did you think?

How was the chapter?

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