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Well, that was more an informative chapter than anything else.

Let's see now... Pekoms is a mink confirmed, that's good. No more speculation. He's also a pretty respectable guy, willing to take the fall like that.

Sanji is being his usual self.

Caesar is.... making medicine but trying to hide his identity? I may have misinterpreted that bit, but he's working alongside the Straw Hats for now.

Capone is an actual threat now. Honestly, when I first saw him use his powers, I assumed he was never going to be standing on the front line if he could help it, but he's pretty ruthless. And being able to in effect imprison people inside himself is neat. I do wonder what happens if he gets seastoned.

Sanji is getting married! Hurray! And we got one version of his family name, so let the noobs changing his page to his full name begin. No, that was sarcasm. Don't really do it. I SAID DON'T oh just lock the page for now.

But the big thing of the chapter is that Big Mom has at least 35 daughters. That means she's probably had intercourse with some poor men (or possibly one very very brave man). Let us take a moment to salute those heroes, wherever they may be now.

So, what did you think?

How was the chapter?

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