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Well that was a better chapter than I anticipated. After last week's infodump I expected just minor plot and progression, but some of what we got was interesting.

Ok, so:

Purin/Pudding/Whatever is apparently hot. I don't see it myself, but Sanji does, so he may actually marry her. Also Big Mom's crew may be hiring the Vinsmoke family or something, I'll wait for another translation before I commit to thinking that.

Luffy finally works out that his dad is a big deal. I'm more intrigued that the newspapers publicly announce that the CP clashed with Blackbeard's crew. Aren't they meant to be a secret?

I'll be amazed if they actually make it to Big Mom at the rate they're going. No food, the ship caught fire, they're probably lost... I can only compare them to Bart's crew and their incompetence at sea, really.

Kaido is a drunk! I have instantly bonded with him as a man and a drinker. The whole invulnerable thing wasn't that interesting but a sad drunk is the epitome of being a man. Letting your feelings out. And then getting in a fight over something insignificant. He wanted a crew where literally everyone was a DF user. That's an ideal I can respect, if only because I'm two pints in right now. Also Kidd is nearly dead, probably didn't surrender to Kaido while Apoo did.

And lastly but not leastly, Jack is an utter monster. The only conclusion I can draw is that he's holding his breath here, and he took that hit from Zunisha like a boss. Holy scheisse.

So, what did you think?

What was Kaido probably drinking?

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