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Well that was one hell of a chapter. Where do I start?

Runt of the litter, beaten up by his siblings and scorned by his father. Even locked up and forced to wear an iron mask - I can't tell if this was a deliberate reference to Eustache Dauger, but I do see that Duval fits in nicely - it's no wonder he made a break for it. But hard times make hard men, and it doesn't look like any of the rest of them went through as hard times as he did...

The technology of Germa seems to be pretty advanced, although if it's a replacement for lack of Haki as I seemed to understand that does take away a bit of it. Franky is going to love this place, and I can already see that electric shock attack not working on Luffy. As for that particular medical procedure, at least it works, right? And this whole absolute loyalty among the rank and file we've seen before so that's not worth talking about.

But the chapter seems to revolve around Sanji's pride. His cooking. I'm not even surprised that he was taught to use a sword as a kid, that seems a very royal thing to do, but I didn't really expect him to be trying to cook before he even ran away. Germa's pride in their strength seems understated now we know they rely heavily on science, but I expect them to have the "do anything to achieve your goal" philosophy.

And the exploding collars become exploding handcuffs. If only there was some way to remove those exploding collars without hurting the person wearing it. If only an old drunk man had been there to show us it could be done. Ah well. This isn't really that important to the plot as far as I'm concerned.

So, what did you think?

How was the chapter?

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