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Now this may come as a shock to most of you, but I have some very sad news. Even though he's coped ok with health problems so far, Oda has tweeted that he's going to discontinue the manga so that he can recover for a year or two (although the tweet was since deleted so there is still hope). Very sad news, I'm sure you'll all agree, so with that in mind I know there's going to be questions. Everyone knows that when a mangaka starts delaying their series for health reasons, it's never a good sign - look at Hxh - so we can probably expect that even when it comes back it'll be substandard.

Regarding the plot, it's not a great place to hiatus or end, but at least there's a story reason for it - Luffy and the others are dead or captured. Going up against one of the strongest beings in the world was only going to end one way, the crew just isn't strong enough yet - half of them are still teenagers ffs - so it's not really a surprise. Only real loose end is the other half of the crew, hanging out in Wano, but I'm sure we'll see something of them.

Now before you start having a go at me or at the wiki or at Oda, please be aware that I'm just informing you about this, so don't go flaming everyone. No reason we can't be civil about this, even if it's bad news.

Anime-wise it'll carry on for a while, we're probably going to get some filler but it's Toei so nothing new there. Going to guess that there'll be another movie or two to cash in before everyone forgets about the series. I'm going to miss OP, it's been a good reliable read for over a decade now and I'm not sure what's going to fill the void.

Void century is probably going to go unanswered sadly, as are a lot of the questions about the series, so there's always speculation. Extremely sad news but surely it's better that he takes a break now and we maybe get some more chapters in a year or so than he dies of overwork and we never get any, right? You probably want to talk about this, so I'm going to do my best to answer any (sensible) comments below. Oda only expected the series to last 10 years anyway, and he'd planned around that - it's a wonder we got this far without him having issues.

Ultimately if this is how Oda is ending the series there's not much we can do but pay respect to it. Unexpected things happen in life and you've just got to go with it.

Please read the first letter of each sentence so far and have a nice Easter.