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Well, folks, it's the second day but things aren't dying down just yet! For those of you who missed yesterdays action, it's available for download for our subscribers!

Looks like a few fights going on, viewers, not all of them fatal! Mr Snuffleupagus managed to make a break for it during his fight against fusioneater, and Vongola Secondo completely outpaced Nada! Let's hope he didn't exhaust himself too much running away, you never know when you might need to fight for your life!

Oh, and Rici gets a lovely kill on Moonman with those sharp stabby things, the name escapes me but you know what I mean! One in each leg to cripple, and then he takes his time bleeding Moonman out! This psychopath is one to watch out for, folks! Just look at that stab to the eye to finish things off!

Meanwhile, it looks like Pau has started.... good Lord! The rope he picked up earlier is made from hemp, and he appears to be lighting it! The smoke is visible to a few other tributes, but they wimp out and don't go to investigate and kill a kid stoned out of his damn mind! Such a shame! Well, at least for once someone is enjoying themselves!

Well, that's all the action during the day time, with everyone else exploring and looking for supplies that their killers will appreciate! But the sun is setting and pretty soon they're going to have to make some hard decisions on what to do!

I'm speechless, folks, I really am! So many encounters as the sun vanishes AND THEY ALL TRUCE FOR THE NIGHT! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! If we don't see some bloodshed soon I might actually get some sleep! To hell with this! I don't get paid to commentate on people holding hands!

Ah... hmm. Sorry, folks, I did actually catch some sleep, but don't you worry, we're bringing up the kill-cam footage right now and would you look at that! Nova managed to sneak up on a sleeping Vongola Secondo and smash his head against a rock! I wonder if Vongola Secondo had any of those poison darts left that he smuggled in, we'll have to see how this plays out if Nova managed to loot them!

And the sun rises on another day! Hopefully we'll see some more kills today, but don't go anywhere, we're streaming 24 hours a day! Tweet at us now for a chance to win one of the very weapons used in this event!

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