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Well, after years of tyranny, the people of Dressrosa are finally free from the 'oppressive' regime of Doflamingo.

They struggled through the same every day life until some pirates, who had their own freedom anyway, pointed out that they didn't have to. They ignored, and in Doflamingo's case exploited, the native population. They had slaves too, but realistically that probably won't change till way after Doflamingo leaves anyway.

And as a result of their struggle for freedom, their country has been left in ruins with little hope of recovery, while Doflamingo will probably be rescued by CP0 somehow because he's actually important.

So while they may have declared their independence from Doflamingo, I can't see it ending well. They'll stay out of wars, continue to grow in self importance and complacency, until eventually some other country will just turn up with an army and start the whole cycle over again.

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