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If you don't know how crosswords work, it's very simple. You look at the clues, and you work out what the words are. The words go for the number the clue is, they fit together, blah blah. Simple. First person to post a completed version  - a filled in crossword, that is, not just the answers - in the comments wins a prize. The crossword is One Piece themed, but there may be some tricky ones in there... The answers will be posted in a week's time if no correct solution has been found by anyone.

Correction #1: There is a typo in 9 across. Third letter should be a U, but it's an A.

Yeah, I'll be busy on Wednesday, so I decided to put it up today instead. Since no-one won, the prize rolls over to the next crossword, which will have a theme. Hopefully.



4. A hero

8. Better at floating ships than sinking them

9. Sun, sand and secrets

13. Enjoys beating up children

14. A genius

16. Two is better

17. Actually heterosexual

20. Immortal

21. The one that doesn't fit

22. Pigeon fancier

23. He won't be using that hand for a while

25. Has problems with wind

26. The original rasta

29. She can be my jailer

30. Enjoys digging

35. Struggles with equations

36. Good for long range

37. Popular with the ladies

38. Doesn't like parties


1. Younger than she looks

2. A dogged Marine

3. They have long arms

5. Recently divorced

6. No clowning around on this ship

7. Also like music

10. Probably quite tasty

11. Needs a better toilet

12. Fine dining

15. Likes the rain

18. Not above selling out his own kind

19. Death on the rocks

24. Has big shoulders

27. A cold woman

28. Had a cool hat

31. You won't notice him

32. Carries a loudspeaker

33. The true saviour

34. Tentacular

39. Fanservice

40. Likes music

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