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Couldn't really think of a good topic for this one, I'm afraid, but there is a theme. The answers are the full name of the thing without the word that links them all.


1. Popular with extreme surfers

3. Just Eleven make me laugh every time

4. Where it all began

7. Not to be confused with the other one

9. Snake charmers

12. Death on the rocks

14. Flashback time

16. Had a submarine before it was cool

18. More a sort of yellow, really

20. Does good coffee

22. Second time's the charm

23. How sharp is the halfway line?

24. House of the almost dead

25. Needs rebuilding

26. Ironically, a short arc


2. Livin on a prayer

5. Lies, love and a long nose

6. Boats don't work like that

8. Could be the second Thriller Bark one day

10. Demonstrates thermoclines

11. Can't remember much about this one

13. Not fond of lemons

15. Fishy business

17. Time to try again

19. So what really killed the dinosaurs?

21. More like bongos

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