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Since today is Star Wars day, and Star Wars is all about magical unexplained powers (the first person to say midichlorians has to live with Jar Jar Binks), and that's sort of what Devil Fruits are, I thought I'd make this crossword Devil Fruit themed. If it's the fruit itself, it's only the first word (eg, Bara Bara no Mi is just Bara), but if it's the fruit user, it's the full name of that person. Clear? No? Good. As ever, think of the clues as if they were written by an Englishman with a grin on his face and a pint in his hand. First person to solve it gets a prize.

Correction #1 (look, i'm wasted, cut me some slack) number 11 is the wrong name, it's the name of the real life person this was based on

And here's the completed one


2. Wheels within wheels 

5. He tends to make like a banana

6. Fanboy

7. Probably good at politics and public opinion

8. Assassin

11. Founder of the Religous Society of Friends

14. Suffers from COPD

15. Needs to clean out his ears regularly

18. Explosive personality

19. On the wall, who's the fairest of them all

21. A man of many parts, at times

22. Likes to ride his bicycle

23. A shadowy fella

26. Not bad

27. A hungry hungry pirate

29. Never in fasion

30. Spends a lot of money on gold paint

32. Stop! It's his time

33. All singing, all dancing, all genders

34. Actually might be immortal

35. The sword in the room

37. Has an appetite

38. Enjoys baths

39. Doesn't like the new boss


1. Cutting edge medical research

3. Could do with some personal hygiene

4. Sharper than he looks

9. A slow infection

10. Likes bears

12. Has a dry wit

13. Oxidises even without water

16. Master puppeteer

17. Far too cute to be in that job

18. Lose the horns and you've got a normal person, right?

20. He believes he can fly

24. Apparently not fond of Scotch

25. Refracts through his own shades

28. Another dogged Marine

31. Combine with fire to produce a bad smell

36. Fond of dirt

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