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Guess what? It's back!

Since last year this kind of worked, I thought there'd be no harm in having another crack at it.

For those of you who don't know what this is, it's fairly simple. Everyone who signs up (please people sign up) will get assigned to 'give' a present to another user who signs up. This will be done at random - no, really - and you cannot tell anyone who you're giving the present to, nor what it is. As far as what the present is - go wild. It's the Internet. Find something that expresses what you think about that user. For example, I might give Staw a picture of Turkish Delight. The more imaginative, the better. Gifts will be given on Christmas Day or at an earlier time if not convenient, on the user's talk page, and MUST BE GIVEN ANONYMOUSLY, so sign out and post as an AWC. If you're giving to someone you don't know... be nice.

Signup is in the comment section, but I will add you to a list at the bottom of this blog once I see you signing up. The deadline is... hmm.... the 15th. Which has happened. Come onto chat, or message me somewhere, after that date and I'll pm you who you're getting the present for, then you've got plenty of time to find something appropriate. It's all in the Christmas Spirit, remember.

To make the random allocation a bit clearer: people who aren't regulars are free to sign up, but you will be out in a separate pool just to simplify things.

People signed up:


Vaz Roa Kaido Jade Calu Nada Sock Fin Gourd Roger Staw ST Coffee Vid GH Gaimon Enrik Miyan JSD STC LostandOld

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