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So I was browsing the recent blogs, and I was struck by a thought.

What if Law was actually dead?

So I went back and checked, and sure enough, I found this picture.

This has brought me to the undeniable conclusion that Law is dead, and that Doflamingo shot him clean out of existence. So what happened after that? What about all the things he apparently did? Well, that's very simple.

We already have a DF user present on the island who's able to manipulate memories. My guess is that Sugar's awakened ability allows memory altering without even having to touch the victim.

So that means that Luffy never met Sabo. Rebecca never met her Dad. Bartolomeo never met his hero. King Riku never saw his country freed. Everything was just an illusion, and the Straw Hat Pirates continue alone without their captain, swordsman, sniper, archaeologist, or shipwright.

So, how did you rate this totally serious blog?

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