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My last blog, on the 9th of August, began to explore the concept of countries blindly following the World Governments rule. Here, I hope to expand upon this theme.

The Reverie, or the meeting of kings of allied countries, that first appeared in episode 19 - I beg your pardon, episode 91 - shows that the leaders of each individual country gather once every four years to discuss topics of significance. It's safe to assume that failure to attend would result in negative actions, and possible removal of the World Governments protection; but there's an even darker side to it. These people, who lead their respective countries, have gathered to a stronghold of the people who rule them with an iron fist, people who are known to use the Cipher Poll units as assassins. They are nothing better than hostages while they're attending the Reverie. And they almost certainly know it (with the exceptions of idiots like Wapol). 

A little context: twenty kings convened 800 years before the current timeline, and their descendants are the Tenryubito. These kings decided that their alliance would rule the world, and whatever happened in the Void Century, they had the will to cover it up. The Gorousei know that their power only comes from the world's general respect, and that if anyone took a moment to think about the state of the world they'd join the Revolutionaries. The only possible reason normal citizens would be satisfied with the World Government's rule is because they don't care, or because they're too afraid. Afraid of either what would happen without the Marine's protection, or afraid that, like Ohara, any country that opposes the Gorousei will just be wiped from the map.

I think I'm rambling again. It's taken me the best part of this blog to reach the point made at the end of the last. *collects thoughts*

I suppose ignorance could play a significant part in the World Government's rule, since there must be countries entirely beset by peace who couldn't care less about pirates or revolutionaries, but these could only really exist outside the Grand Line. The countries within must be well aware of the potential dangers of the world, and cling to the Marine's protection for fear of not having it. 

This argument is getting circular. I need sleep. At least 9 hours, if not more.

Has this whole blog boiled down to "they're scared of not being allied with the World Government"? What a sordid state of affairs. I wonder what would happen if the World Government, and the Marines, suddenly ceased to exist? Perhaps I'll digress about that in my next blog.

Alright, 14 hours sleep, but that's my final offer.

Can you see the code?

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