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Yo Everyone!!

I don't really come here often but This has been playing on ma mind!!

Would you say the Marine's get payed well?

I mean really? There are'nt many sign's showing if the Vice Admirals or Admiral's do or don't!!

So this is my question, If your gunna start a war or whatever it is that causes trouble on blogs then go away. This is a genuine One Piece related question as its made me curious. . . Is their pay excellentay? Or is it reeaaaaaaaaaaaally Cruddy? Please comment below :P Personally I think,

Admirals = 100 - 300 million beri annually

Vice Admiral's = 50 - 200 million beri annually

Rear Admiral's = 25 - 75 million beri annually

Lower = 10 mill or lower? Annually

Note: Im really confused how to spell beri or beli . . Never really been sure on the whole which one's right thing . . . And i dunno if the Beli works . . << If it worked woo!!

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