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Funny crew member:

Race: Dolphin Fish man

Powers: Fish man abilities, bubble throwing, echolocation and because he does not breath through gills, his handicap on land is reduced

Appearance:1.80 m tall and looking nerdy. Wearing a short sleeve shirt tucked in his short pants. Also wearing some nerd like eye glasses.

He has a collection of pirate cards with their known abilities and he is a huge fan of the Straw Hats!

His dream is to make a card collection of all great pirates in the world. He is slightly annoying as he gathers souvenirs from friends and foes, making them mad.

Fighting style... mainly Hands Only (karate Dojo) But also using Bubble throwing and sound waves in order to blind the opponent or to deafen the opponents. Background. He is the fourth of Neptune's sons. He spent most of his life in the palace, so Neptune decides to send him to see the world. that's why he invited the SW at the palace.

What do you think? i wanted to post it in LuffyPirateKing's blog but he wanted the character made of known character parts :))

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