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So I'm really interested in the Blackbeard pirates. I mean they have done about as many outrageous things as the SHs and that is just the things that we havew heard about. Who knows what else they have been up to but the real reason that I made this blog is because I want to know about their backstory. Well we know what their captain has done but not what his full plan is and the only other member we have any hint about is Laffitte who used to be a police officer but then became a serial killer O_o? LIke what cause that drastic change in behavior. Other than those 2 we know nothing about the rest of the crew, well except Shiliew, but excluding him like what the background on these guys. How did Auger become such a beast with a sniper? Why is Burgess a crazy luchador? What sickness does Doc Q have? Then for the ID members what exactly did they do to be put in prison anyway? I hope we find out some more info about them later in the new world. Well that's all I have to say for now if anybody has any guesses about the BBs feel free to leave a comment.

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