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Hey guys, Akali here with another blog!

The main question of this blog will be as following, regarding each of the characters mentioned in the title: "How have the characters of the above gained their abilities?"

Now before you jump into conclusions try reading this first and then decide.

First of all, I want to make this clear - I'm not looking for logic taken from the real world, simply because, nothing in One Piece is logical, so there's no point in looking for it. What I'm looking for is the logic in One Piece, for example, a person couldn't possibly breath fire, shoot beams, stretch his arms etc. and be able to swim aswell. Now don't tell me that if he's a cyborg (like Franky or the Pacifistas) he could, that's off point and it's not the result of consuming a Devil Fruit. Every series has its own kind of logic right? I think you get the point.

Now, let's get started.

I have a theory as to how Bepo is able to talk and act humanlike, though regarding Pappug I'm still clueless.

So, this theory is based off the last newly released awesome chapters in which we saw Law being able to transfer peoples' minds into different bodies. So, according to that, I think Law could've done something very similar with Bepo, hence, his speaking ability.

Shyarly, how is she able to predict the future? I think it could be the result of a Devil Fruit because I don't remember her ever being in the water (correct me if I'm wrong) and there aren't too many options left. Another theory could be a very strong Haki, even though I don't think that this is one of the aspects of Haki, this is the best theory I can offer.

As for Shirahoshi, I believe that as she is one of the Three Ancient Weapons, Poseidon, this power was inherited from her ancestors with Poseidon being the first. How did Poseidon gain this power and inherited it to the next generations is already a question for another day I believe.

Lastly, I believe that when Vegapunk will finally be introduced, many of these mysteries and many others will be unfolded. That stated, there's no harm in looking for the answers beforehand.

Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts on the topic and tell me what you think =)

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