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Let's start off by saying that this is the first blog where I'm using photos, so I don't really know if I'm doing it well or not. So, admins, if you find this inappropriate please notify me so I can fix this before you decide to delete it or what not.

So chapter 704 recently came out and it seems as if Oda is seriously trying to kill us!

It also appears that this arc is going to be rather interesting for far too many reasons. Arena, Lucy, Bellamy, Ace's fruit, Jesus, Gladiators, Pirate Alliance, Kinemon, Dat blind guy, toys, fairies, Sanji's girlfriend. This arc clearly has "EPIC" written all over it! Also, for the sake of some users here - Rebbeca!

Let's return to some of the epic (not to mention stressing) and nostalgic moments from the last chapter:

I almost got a f***ing heart attack! I seriously almost booked a flight to Japan to help Oda think straight again!

An interesting reunion might unfold! I'm totally into seeing Bellamy's face when he realizes Luffy's here!

Not much to say about that, it's just epic and you should be able to figure this out on your own.

There's also this new Cavendish guy, meh. He's not really worth the blog space.

More importantly there's this section where Oda continues to assault us poor readers (though in a relatively amusing way).

I nearly fainted on this one, even though it was pretty much guaranteed that something like that would happen. Didn't expect it so early into the arc though.

It seems many rumors are going on about "Straw Hat Luffy", now how cool is that? If you come across an 8m tall giant, just don't mess with him ok?

It appears that Luffy's gonna have a hard time with the Blackbeard pirates now in the game as well. What do you guys think about it? Is it only Burgess or is the rest of the crew here? Truly hope Teach isn't...

All in all I'm really excited about this arc, eagerly waiting for the next chapters to come out!

How about you guys?

Credits to MDM for teaching me how to add photos, and to THT for polls. Just thought I'd give you guys a mention for helping me out ^_^

P.S. Jesus Burgess sounds like Jesus Burgers which is kind of funny, but then again maybe not and I should be banned from the joke permitted users.

So what do you think about this chapter?

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