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Hey guys, this doesn't directly concern One Piece, but I thought that as I tend to comment on One Piece videos as well as others, then why not.

Anyhow, going to the point of the blog here - Do any of you have YouTube accounts? The reason I'm asking this is because if I commented on a video and got a reply, or I if saw someone else's comment on the video, I'd like to know if it was someone from our most estimable wikia community.

Therefore, I'd like every person who comes to see this blog to announce his or her respective YouTube account name (if existant of course) or alternatively, create an account and then proceed to post it here! You may also comment if you feel the need to announce that you don't have a YouTube account and that you also do not wish to create one.

I saw Imhungry4444's last chapter video review so I take it that this is you and your respective YouTube channel?

My youtube account name is "wtfhey1 ". Now this is an account I didn't initially mean to use, hence the weird name, but ended up using. I also don't have any videos uploaded so there's nothing else to see there except my actual comments.

Lastly, if this account name rings a bell because you have seen one of my comments or you have replied to any of them, do tell!

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