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So I've been reading some more One Piece. The Foxy Pirate just beat the Strawhats in the ship race.

This is the first time in this manga that I've noticed blatant terrible writing. Several things didn't make sense.

First of all, Nico Robin. She could have not only wrecked the other crew and their ship, but also completely shut down the crowd as they attempted to interfere. So what does she do, even faced with the glaring opportunity to drown an overboard opponent? She sits back, reading her porno, having her hands oh-so-usefully paddle.

Seriously, can someone tell me why Robin didn't solo that shit right off the bat?

Secondly, Nami. The girl can literally hurl tornadoes, but they chose to completely forget that!

And to further explore the silliness of this entire arc, the Foxy Pirates opted to steal Chopper from the Strawhats. How has Foxy gotten so far if he is so dumb that will pass up the wonderful opportunities presented in Nami and Robin? Yes, I will give a nod to the mention that they were attempting to handicap the other team in the following event, but honestly, what good do they think taking out the reindeer is going to do?

Zoro's bitching out the crying Chopper was also completely unnecessary and just made him look like a stuck up dickwad.

All in all, this arc has been one terrible thing after another, and I've only gotten through one of the three events!

Anyways, I'm going to bed now. Thanks for reading, whoever you are, and I do hope you'll stay with me as I trek through the long tales of One Piece!

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